Covered with polycarbonate, the Appalachian’s crisp lines and “finished” details tell your customers you are a professional.

Farmer, Cheraw, SC

“Everything went great. Overall very pleased with the services provided from quote to the end.”

Hose Trolley

Prevent damage to plants and water plants much easier with the hose trolley system. Store hoses securely and conveniently while reducing hazards on the greenhouse floor.

D. Sparkman, Martin’s Nursery

“They have a very dependable, long lasting product. I built my first one in the 1980’s, and it is still as good as new. We love the greenhouse design and Kwic-Klip® system. We chose a Jāderloon® greenhouse because they are economical and make it feasible to increase profit margins.”

How to Compare Competitors’ Greenhouses

The comparison can be very difficult because manufacturers don’t all use the same calculations, don’t provide the same levels of detail, and don’t offer the same quality of design and equipment. What follows is a relatively short checklist of elements to evaluate when comparing quotes.