Summer 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter from The Greenhouse Company

June 2022 Newsletter

  • Retail Greenhouses & Accessories
  • Featured Product: Poly-Patch®
  • NGMA Standards & Guidelines for Ventilation & Cooling
  • Planning Ahead for Fall

Retail Greenhouses & Accessories

The Appalachian Greenhouse

  • Our premier retail greenhouse
  • Crisp lines & finish details create a professional look
  • The best strength ratings

The Classic Greenhouse

  • The best investment to grow your business
  • Ideal for retailers & growers
  • Strong, economical & flexible

The Blue Ridge Greenhouse

  • Beauty & flexibility are ideal for garden centers
  • Superior strength, features and functions
  • Bay width up to 24'

Accessories for Retail Houses

  • Kwic-Trip Trolley System
  • Freestanding, rolling and stationary benches
  • Shade Systems & Fans
  • The Hose Trolley
  • Motorized Venting Systems
  • Automated Greenhouse Control Systems
  • Condensation Reduction


Featured Product: Poly-Patch®

Invented by Jāderloon® in 1981
  • The ultimate first aid kit for greenhouses
  • Rugged tape bonds aggressively to polyethylene film
  • Reinforces greenhouse coverings
  • Protects plants and growing environments


NGMA Vent & Cooling Standards  

As you are considering ventilation and cooling systems and solutions for you greenhouses for Spring and Summer heat and humidity, review the NGMA's Vent and Cooling Standards to ensure you choose the best solution for your greenhouse needs.  Contact us for help creating a custom greenhouse for your needs.


Planning Ahead for Fall  

The Greenhouse Company offers many heating solutions for fall and winter.  Give us a call at 800-258-7171 or browse our website to see some of our selections.  We are happy to help you determine the best solution for your growing and display needs to protect your plants from harsh, cold weather. With the volatility of the supply chain, start planning now for fall heating solutions.