Aquaponic System

View the features and benefits of our new Aquaponic System.

Kwic-Trip Trolley System

Save time and money by moving plants quickly through your greenhouse with the Kwic-Trip Trolley System, an overhead monorail developed by Jāderloon® in 1989 to increase profits and efficiency.

Hose Trolley

Prevent damage to plants and water plants much easier with the hose trolley system. Store hoses securely and conveniently while reducing hazards on the greenhouse floor.

Greenhouse Command Center

An electronic climate control system designed specifically for Jāderloon® greenhouses to improve crop yield and prevent damage by controlling the greenhouse environment.

Louver Lifter™

Offered exclusively by The Greenhouse Company, the Louver Lifter™ ensures adequate ventilation to optimize crop quality and also protects against damage to louvers, linkages and the motor.

TLC Control System

The low cost mechanical thermostatic logic controller for small, single-zone greenhouses makes it easier to control your greenhouse. It can also reduce vent cycles and extend vent motor life with intermediate stage fan speeds.


Invented by Jāderloon® in 1981, POLY-PATCH® is a rugged patching tape that bonds aggressively to polyethylene film. The ultimate first aid kit for greenhouses, it reinforces greenhouse covering and helps protect plants and growing environments.


Developed by Jāderloon®, The Kwic-Klip® film fastening system provides unbeatable holding power as well as the fastest and easiest installation of any clip design. Proven in hurricane-force winds.

Uni-Force™ Inflation System

Reduce condensation inside the greenhouse for an optimal growing environment. The self-adjusting system consistently inflates, allowing plastic to move and eliminating stress points at connections.

Cross Connectors

Reinforce the stability and strength of your greenhouse frame and retain 100% of its strength by using the Cross Connector™ by Jāderloon®. Drilling compromises the integrity of the greenhouse frame by creating weak points.


Maximize growing space with moveable freestanding, rolling or stationary benches. Create flexible and seasonal areas or fixed growing spaces to effectively utilize greenhouse space.

Palmetto Roof Vents

Maintain optimal air temperature and humidity conditions inside your greenhouse with the Palmetto Roof Vent by Jāderloon®. Natural convection brings cooler air in the sides while warmer air escapes through the roof vent.


Simple venting of greenhouses with a motorized, rack and pinion driven, venting system designed by Jāderloon® in 1987. Maintain optimal ventilation and crop quality.


Retain greenhouse heat during cold seasons and provide internal shade and cooling during warm seasons with the easy-to-use, fully automatic, cable-driven Jādershade™ developed in 2002 by Jāderloon®.

Uni-Flo™ Fan

The Original HAF fan. Maintains uniform temperature throughout the greenhouse while reducing condensation. Lowest cost method of circulating the air within a greenhouse.

Carolina Cooler™

Keep greenhouses cool, enable faster & stronger growth, and reduce watering with the innovative evaporative cooling system developed in 1986 by Jāderloon®.

Alpine Ridge Vent

The Alpine Ridge Vent is a motorized passive ventilation system using natural convection to cool the greenhouse. As hot air rises out through the vent opening, cooler air falls into the greenhouse. This continuous circulation also assists in lowering the humidity, as warm moist air leaves the greenhouse cool, drier air settles in.  It is very economical for greenhouse cooling as the electric gearbox motor only runs while opening or closing the vent.

Eclipse Power Shade

The Eclipse Power Shade system is a motorized push-pull, slope-flat-slope shade system. The system is designed for greenhouses with a 6/12 roof pitch and a 12’ column spacing. The transition points in the slope-flat-slope shape are customizable for clearance of equipment or other obstacles. The minimum greenhouse length for the operation of this system is 48’ long. The system is available with a range of shade percentages and fabrics.