Kwic-Trip Trolley System

Upgrade your greenhouse with the Kwic-Trip™ Trolley System – a monorail-based solution that will revolutionize the way you move and handle your plants.

At first, you may not realize just how much you’ll come to rely on this time-saving, efficiency-boosting system. But once you experience the effortless glide of the trolleys across the monorail track, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.No more fighting with unwieldy hoses and heavy carts on uneven greenhouse floors. The Kwic-Trip™ Trolley System utilizes the space above your plants, freeing up valuable floor space for cultivation. And with the ability to link multiple trolleys together, you can transport large quantities of pots, flats, and cut flowers with train-like ease and capacity.

Key Benefits

  • More Growing Space: The overhead monorail design means you don’t need as much room for traditional carts and equipment.
  • Safer: No more hoses and heavy items on the floor – reducing the risk of trips and falls.
  • Easy Operation: The trolleys glide smoothly across the track, allowing you to pull them with just one hand.

Customize the Kwic-Trip™ system to perfectly match your greenhouse layout and plant handling requirements. Choose from a variety of track configurations, cart sizes, shelf styles, and more. Elevate your greenhouse workflow and productivity with this transformative solution.

Upgrade your greenhouse and unlock its true potential with the Kwic-Trip™ Trolley System. Experience the difference it makes – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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