Summer 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter from The Greenhouse Company

June 2022 Newsletter

  • Retail Greenhouses & Accessories
  • Featured Product: Poly-Patch®
  • NGMA Standards & Guidelines for Ventilation & Cooling
  • Planning Ahead for Fall

Retail Greenhouses & Accessories

The Appalachian Greenhouse

  • Our premier retail greenhouse
  • Crisp lines & finish details create a professional look
  • The best strength ratings

The Classic Greenhouse

  • The best investment to grow your business
  • Ideal for retailers & growers
  • Strong, economical & flexible

The Blue Ridge Greenhouse

  • Beauty & flexibility are ideal for garden centers
  • Superior strength, features and functions
  • Bay width up to 24'

Accessories for Retail Houses

  • Kwic-Trip Trolley System
  • Freestanding, rolling and stationary benches
  • Shade Systems & Fans
  • The Hose Trolley
  • Motorized Venting Systems
  • Automated Greenhouse Control Systems
  • Condensation Reduction


Featured Product: Poly-Patch®

Invented by Jāderloon® in 1981
  • The ultimate first aid kit for greenhouses
  • Rugged tape bonds aggressively to polyethylene film
  • Reinforces greenhouse coverings
  • Protects plants and growing environments


NGMA Vent & Cooling Standards  

As you are considering ventilation and cooling systems and solutions for you greenhouses for Spring and Summer heat and humidity, review the NGMA's Vent and Cooling Standards to ensure you choose the best solution for your greenhouse needs.  Contact us for help creating a custom greenhouse for your needs.


Planning Ahead for Fall  

The Greenhouse Company offers many heating solutions for fall and winter.  Give us a call at 800-258-7171 or browse our website to see some of our selections.  We are happy to help you determine the best solution for your growing and display needs to protect your plants from harsh, cold weather. With the volatility of the supply chain, start planning now for fall heating solutions.



Special Edition Spring 2022 Retail Newsletter

Securely Display & Grow Plants

Trust The Retail Greenhouse Experts

Securely Grow and Display Plants

Custom Temperature and Humidity Control Options

We offer many options to maintain optimal air temperature, humidity levels, and ventilation to improve crop quality and output including cooling & ventilation systems, fans, and controllers.


Multiple Frame Options

From the crisp and finished look of the professional Appalachian frame to the arched roofline of the Classic frame, Jāderloon® greenhouse frames are ideal for retail locations.


The Jāderloon® Advantage

  • BEST Warranty in the Industry
  • 30% Stronger Frames
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Better Temperature Control
  • Longer Lasting
  • Industry Leading Innovation
  • Highest Quality



Winter 2021 Newsletter

December 2021 Newsletter from The Greenhouse Company

Happy Holidays from The Greenhouse Company!

Our office will be closed Dec 23, 24 and Jan 3 in observance of the holidays.

December 2021 Newsletter

  • Grower Greenhouses & Accessories
  • Featured Product: Aquaponics Kit
  • NGMA Helpful Hints: Purchasing a Greenhouse
  • The Perfect Gift for Growers & Plant Enthusiasts

Grower Greenhouses & Accessories

Classic Gutter Connect

  • Our premier growing structure
  • Versatile, functional & efficient
  • Naturally or mechanically ventilated

Freestanding Greenhouse

  • Can be used in all climates
  • Cold frame, heated growing, propagation, high tunnel

Accessories for Growing

  • Evaporative Cooling Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Greenhouse Control Systems
  • Condensation Reduction
  • Shade Systems & Fans
  • Hose & Trolley Systems


Featured Product: Aquaponics Kit

Great for Education & Growing:
  • Mimics natural ecosystem
  • Provides self-contained growing solution
  • Low maintenance and low monitoring
  • Kit includes all components for full assembly of system


NGMA Tips:Purchasing a Greenhouse  

If you are planning to purchase a new greenhouse for your retail location, growing needs, educational purposes or home use, review the NGMA's tips for purchasing a greenhouse.  Contact us for help creating a custom greenhouse for your needs.


The PERFECT Gift...  

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite grower or plant enthusiast?  Purchase a Greenhouse Company gift card!  Let them choose their own greenhouse accessories and add-ons online or with a sales rep.



Summer 2021 Newsletter

Summer 2021 Newsletter from The Greenhouse Company

Summer 2021 Newsletter

  • New Catalog Now Available
  • Come See Us at August Trade Shows
  • Featured Products: Shade and Heat Systems
  • NGMA Helpful Hints:  Heating Systems

The New Greenhouse Company Catalog is Here

The updated catalog is available for download, or we can mail you a hard copy. We feature Hyams Garden & Accent Store in Charleston, SC as the cover story and include new greenhouse products and accessories to choose from.

  • Greenhouse Frames
  • Accessories and Add-Ons
  • Replacement Components
  • Photos of Greenhouses
  • Specifications of Houses


Greenhouse Industry Trade Shows

It was great to see so many of you in person at Cultivate! We look forward to seeing everyone at the August trade shows! See details of the August shows below.

Upcoming Trade Shows:


Featured Products: Heat, Shade & Control Systems for Fall Weather

Featured Shade and Heat Systems

Shade Systems:
  • Jādershade™ - easy to use, fully automatic, cable-driven shade system that provides up to 40% energy savings
  • Eclipse Power Shade - motorized push-pull shade system available with a range of shade percentages and fabrics

Heating & Control Systems:

  • ADP Heaters - Efficient, reliable and high quality heaters
  • Heater Hanger Assembly - distributes weight over 2 separate bows and allows optimal distance from endwall
  • TLC Control System - Thermostatic Logic Controller provides a simpler way to control a single-zone greenhouse with 5 shades of cooling and 1 stage of heating
  • Advanced Controller Systems - The Greenhouse Command Center is available in several variations to meet your needs


NGMA Tips for Heating Greenhouses  

Now that Summer is in full effect, Fall will be here before we know it.  Summer is a great time to review the NGMA's tips on heating and plan for the fall and winter.  Contact us for assistance with heating options for your greenhouses.


Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring 2021 Newsletter from The Greenhouse Company

Spring 2021 Newsletter

  • Introducing The Greenhouse Command Center
  • Upcoming In-Person Trade Shows
  • Featured Product: Carolina Cooler™
  • Ventilation & Cooling Tips from NGMA

Introducing the New Greenhouse Command Center  

Improve Crop Yield & Prevent Damage

The new Command Center is an improved electronic climate control system that offers many benefits by optimizing the greenhouse environment:

  • Peace of mind
  • Increased lifespan of equipment
  • Elimination of hassle
  • More secure control
  • Protection during shutdowns


Upcoming In-Person Trade Shows

As of now, we plan to exhibit at the summer trade shows listed below. We look forward to seeing you in person this year!

Upcoming Trade Shows:


Featured Product: Carolina Cooler™

Evaporative cooling is the most cost effective method for cooling a greenhouse.  High volume, water saturated air movement reduces air temperature for a healthier growing atmosphere.  
  • Keeps greenhouses cool in the hottest climates
  • Less shading required to maintain cooler temperatures, resulting in faster, stronger growth
  • Anti-drip design minimizes water loss


NGMA Tips for Cooling Greenhouses  

Now that Spring is here and Summer heat is just around the corner,  it's a good time to review the NGMA's tips on greenhouse ventilation and cooling.  Contact us for assistance with ventilating and cooling your greenhouses.


Fall Newsletter 2020

September Announcements from The Greenhouse Company

Hurricane Season is Here. Click Below for our Hurricane Preparation Checklist and Stay Safe!

September 2020 Newsletter

  • Thanks for Visiting Us Virtually at Cultivate '20
  • Try Our New Greenhouse Designer
  • POLY-PATCH® is Now a Registered Trademark
  • Featured Product: Aquaponic System
  • Preparing for Fall Weather: Tips from NGMA
  • The Greenhouse Company Welcomes New Employee

Thanks for Visiting Our Virtual Booth at Cultivate '20

Although Cultivate was quite different this year, we enjoyed chatting with you about your greenhouse needs.  We look forward to working with you in the near future!

The Greenhouse Designer

Design Your Greenhouse
  • Step-by-Step guide to select your requirements for an accurate quote for your specific greenhouse needs
  • From frame type to roof covering and all essential elements 
  • Easy to use to design your ideal greenhouse

POLY-PATCH® is Now a Registered Trademark 

The United States Patent and Trademark Office officially recorded POLY-PATCH® as a registered trademark of The Greenhouse Company in August of this year. POLY-PATCH® was first introduced to the industry by Danny Derrick and Don Looney of Jaderloon® Company in 1981.  POLY-PATCH® is the ultimate tape for patching and reinforcing plastic.

Featured Product: Aquaponic System

The 200FMF Aquaponic System    
  • Kit contains : 200gal fish tank, 300gal media tank, 300gal floating tank, 300gal sump tank, all plumbing & instructions for complete assembly.
  • Design allows for more regulated control of water flow to each section of system
  • Individual sections of system may be fully shutoff while others remain functional.


NGMA Tips for Heating  

With Fall upon is, now is the time to inspect and test your greenhouse heating systems in preparation for cooler weather. Contact us for assistance in determining the ideal heating system needed for your greenhouse.


Welcome Our New Accounting Employee Devon Noller 

We are pleased to introduce our newest employee, Devon Noller.  Devon holds an Accounting degree from Clemson and is from Vance, SC.  He joined The Greenhouse Company team in September and manages Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.  


Spring 2020 Newsletter

Spring Announcements from The Greenhouse Company

The Greenhouse Company remains fully operational at this time, and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality greenhouses and the best customer service in the industry.

2020 Spring Newsletter

  • Greenhouse Feature: The Classic Gutter Connect Greenhouse
  • See the Hose Trolley Videos
  • Product Feature: Carolina Cooler™
  • Cooling & Ventilation Tips from NGMA
  • Featured Project:  Hyam's Garden Center

Greenhouse Feature:  The Classic Gutter Connect Greenhouse

Strong and Economical Growing Greenhouse

  • Ideal for all types of growers
  • Premier growing structure
  • Best warranty in the industry

Versatility Provides Functionality & Efficiency
  • Easy to add on
  • Various sizes available

Watch the New Hose Trolley Videos

Watch our hose trolley system videos to see how the new hose trolley works in use.
  • Keep hoses out of the way
  • Reduce tripping & falling
  • Store hoses conveniently
  • Move hoses easily

Featured Product: Carolina Cooler™

The Carolina Cooler™ Evaporative Cooling system is the most cost effective greenhouse cooling method
  • Innovative and efficient design prevents leaking
  • Distributes water effectively
  • Lowers greenhouses temperatures even in the hottest climates
  • Less shading required to maintain cool temperatures
  • Minimizes water loss
  • Reduces watering due to elevated humidity


NGMA Cooling & Ventilation Tips 

With Spring right around the corner, now is the time to inspect and test your cooling and ventilation systems in preparation for warmer weather. Contact us for assistance in determining the ideal cooling and ventilation needed for your greenhouse.


Featured Project: Hyams Garden Center in Charleston, SC  

The Greenhouse Company recently completed a project for Hyams  Garden and Accent Store in Charleston, South Carolina.  The 3 greenhouses in the first photo were replaced with custom Appalachian greenhouses from The Greenhouse Company.

The new structure is an Appalachian style gutter-connected greenhouse.  There are 3 bays connected together in the retail garden area consisting of a 38' bay connected to a 22' wide bay connected to another 38' wide bay.

The total retail display space covered by the 3 Appalachian style greenhouse bays is 98' wide by 120' long. To learn more about Hyams Garden and Accent Store, visit their website at


Fall 2019 Newsletter

Fall Announcements from The Greenhouse Company

2019 Fall Newsletter


  • Heating Systems - Helpful Hints from NGMA
  • Introducing the Hose Trolley System
  • Product Feature: Jādershade® for Heat Retention
  • Trade Shows and Events
  • Holiday Hours

We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  Thank you for your continued business!

Heating Systems - Helpful Hints from The NGMA

It's that time of year when the cold temperatures are creeping in all over the country.  The NGMA offers helpful hints about heating systems including how heat loss occurs, the importance of good ventilation, and different heating types for greenhouses to name a few.  Click below to read the NGMA's helpful heating tips.


Introducing the Hose Trolley System

  • Keep your greenhouse hoses securely out of the way
  • Reduce tripping, falling and potential injury
  • Easily move hoses around the greenhouse for watering

Jādershade™ for Heat Retention

  • Fully automatic, cable-driven internal shade & heat retention system
  • Ideal for cool weather
  • Great for energy savings in winter months
  • Save up to 40% in energy


Upcoming Events 

Come see us at the below trade shows:

  • Southern US Hemp Growers Conference & Expo - Columbia, SC - Nov 30 - Dec 2 - Booth # 422
  • Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) - Baltimore, MD - Jan 8 - 10 - Booth # 654
  • Gulf States Horticultural Expo - Mobile, AL -  Jan. 16 - 17 - Booth 226
  • SC Green Industry Conference and Trade Show - Columbia, SC - Jan. 21 - 22 - Booth 526
  • WinterGreen Trade Show - Duluth, GA - Jan. 22 - 23 - Booth 521
  • NC Green and Growin' - Greensboro, NC - Jan. 30 - 31 - Booth 117


Upcoming Holiday Hours  

2019 Holiday Hours

  • Closed Nov 28 & 29
  • Closed Dec 24 & 25
  • Closed Wed, Jan 1, 2020 
  • Company Inventory Jan 2 - 3 - Limited Availability


Summer Newsletter 2019

August Announcements from The Greenhouse Company

2019 August Newsletter

  • Scholarship Named for Jāderloon® Founder Donald F. Looney, Sr
  • New Catalog Available - Request a Copy
  • GHC's Leigh Dodd Named to NGMA Board of Directors
  • Product Feature: Cooling and Shade Systems
  • New Hemp Greenhouses Available
  • Featured Event - Cultivate'19

South Carolina Greenhouse Growers Association Names Scholarship In Honor of Donald F. Looney, Sr.

The SC Greenhouse Growers Association recently announced the naming of a scholarship after Jāderloon® founder Donald F. Looney, Sr. An excerpt from the announcement:  "Don's dedication to the greenhouse industry was immeasurable. His innovative ideas created equipment and supplies that have become standards in our industry." 

Don Looney, Jr. and Tom Looney with the SCGGA's announcement of the scholarship named after their father Don Looney, Sr.

The first scholarship will be awarded to a Clemson University Horticulture student at the end of the year.


The New Greenhouse Company Catalog is Now Available

Our new catalog is now available!  It features our greenhouses as well as options and accessories.  It also includes product specifications and additional information pertinent to purchasing a greenhouse.

Download a digital copy from our website or click below to request a hard copy.


Greenhouse Company's Leigh Dodd Named to NGMA Board of Directors

The Greenhouse Company is proud to announce that our very own Leigh Dodd was recently named to the Board of Directors of NGMA, the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association.  Their mission is to represent and advance the interests of the greenhouse industry through education, communication & networking.  Learn more about NGMA by visiting their website

Product Feature:  Greenhouse Cooling and Shade Systems

Carolina Cooler™

  • Evaporative cooling system
  • Less shading required to maintain cooler temperatures
  • Anti-drip design minimizes water loss
  • Easy assembly
  • Reduces watering


  • Fully automatic, cable-driven internal shade & heat retention system
  • Ideal for summer cooling
  • Great for energy savings in winter months
  • Save up to 40% in energy

New Hemp Greenhouses Available

Jāderloon® Hemp Greenhouses

  • Controlled environment specifically designed for hemp
  • Kwic-Klip® fastening system & insect screen increase propagation yield
  • Steel frame with many lengths & widths available
  • Custom equipment options for optimal growth


Featured Event:  Cultivate'19  


The Greenhouse Company's representatives, Mark McLane and Mike McCaw, attended Cultivate'19 in Columbus, Ohio earlier in July.  They saw many existing customers and met many new faces in the industry at the event.  

The display at the show included the Classic greenhouse frame and many accessories including the Kwic-Klip®, the Micro Grow controller and examples of material used to manufacture greenhouse components. 


Spring Newsletter 2019

March Announcements from The Greenhouse Company

2019 March Newsletter

  • Greenhouse Tips for Spring
  • New Product Savings
  • New Hire Mark McLane
  • Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY
  • Greenhouse Magazine Feature

Prepare Your Greenhouses Now for Spring Weather!

Tips to Avoid Spring Headaches and Product Losses

Exhaust Fan Belts:

  • Readjust belt tension after 8 – 10 hours of operation
  • Check for proper belt tension by pushing on belt between blade pulley and motor pulley with index finger. Belt should move about ½ inch with 5 pounds of pressure.
  • Keep replacement belts on hand
  • Check belts at beginning of cooling season and several times throughout year
  • Look for polished sides and cracked, dry, and/or brittle material
  • Replace belt if any signs of deterioration or if in use for several seasons
  • Clean fan blades and louvers as needed
  • Remove foreign material from inside fan housing


  • See installation manual for adjustment of drive motor limits
  • Rack and pinions may be adjusted by loosening nuts on vent shoe where rack attaches to vent door 
  • Shift rack shoe left or right to improve alignment 
  • Check the alignment with the vent door open 
  • Clean the entire vent including the cover with soap and water 
  • Remove accumulated debris in the lower track of vent door

Carolina Cooler™

  • If float valve is unable to shut off, cut off water supply, disassemble and rinse float valve, reassemble and install
  • If after above (if float valve still will not shut off), order a rebuild kit or new valve 
  • Rinse out reservoir and fill with clean water at the beginning of the season
  • Do not leave in ground tanks empty 
  • Clean the filter as well and several times throughout the year 
  • Check the filter if flow seems restricted 
  • Check the header for clogs 
  • Rinse out the header at the beginning of the season – remove the plug opposite the pump and then run the pump to flush out foreign material
  • Add chlorine bleach or any good algaecide to the reservoir on a regular basis to keep pads clean
  • Maintain a pH between 5.5 and 8.5 in the reservoir 
  • Allow pads to dry completely each night by keeping the thermostat set above the overnight low temperature 
  • Use the gate valve to adjust the water flow so that the water sprays 12” into the air at the far end of the header from the pump

Save on Shipping: Now Manufacturing Kwic-Klip® in 4ft pieces

Order Kwic-Klip® in 4 ft pieces (box contains 25 pieces of cap or base) online or through Amazon starting in March.

Mark McLane Returns to The Greenhouse Company Sales Team

A University of South Carolina graduate, photographer, and skilled guitar player, Mark offers customers of The Greenhouse Company a wealth of knowledge in helping to design the best greenhouses tailored to their unique needs.  He began in the industry in the early 1980’s and has experience in greenhouse manufacturing, shipping, and sales. Mark has worked on hundreds of greenhouse projects over the years.  He will be covering the Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky regions and will be reaching out to you soon.  


Ark Encounter in Williamstown,KY Chooses The Greenhouse Company


Over the last several years, Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky has purchased seven greenhouses from The Greenhouse Company.  Tim Schmidt, the Senior Director of Site Development and Horticulture at Ark Encounter, stated that they currently grow about 20,000 six-inch annuals yearly as well as several thousand tropicals for their own use and for use at their sister attraction, Creation Museum.  Schmidt anticipates an increase in these numbers as they continue to expand.  In addition to florals and plants for landscaping, they also use greenhouses from The Greenhouse Company to grow fodder and barley hydroponically for their zoo animals.

The photos show some of the greenhouses on site at Ark Encounter as well as some of the landscaping where their plants are used.  


Q&A on Growing plants in Freezing Weather from Greenhouse Magazine

Walters Gardens' trial manager discusses precautions the grower has taken, preparing for drastic temperature changes and how to prepare greenhouses for subzero temperatures. 

Read more in Greenhouse Management Magazine.


January 2019 Newsletter

New Product Line Announced , Trade Show Schedule, Manufacturing Excellence Award, and more!

2019 January Newsletter

  • Hurricane Strong
  • 2019 Trade Show Schedule
  • New Product Line: Cumberland Series
  • Featured Product: James B Edwards Elementary School
  • Manufacturing Excellence Award

Jāderloon® Greenhouses Withstand Hurricane Winds

As evidenced by the photos, our Jāderloon® greenhouses recently withstood hurricane Florence in North Carolina better than a competitive greenhouse. The left photo is of a Jāderloon® greenhouse in Eastern North Carolina after hurricane Florence.  Note that the frame is noticeably in tact. The right photo is of a competitor's greenhouse also at the same location just after hurricane Florence.  The frame is visibly bent and collapsing. Trust The Greenhouse Company to help you protect your investment with the strongest greenhouse on the market.

Upcoming Trade Shows

Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) 

Baltimore, MD | January 9 -11 | Booth 654

NC Green and Growin' Trade Show

Greensboro, NC | January 17 - 18 | Booth 117 

Wintergreen Trade Show

Duluth, GA | January 25 -26 | Booth 521

Gulf States Horticultural Expo

Mobile, AL | January 31 - February 1 | Booth 228

SC Green Industries Trade Show 

Columbia, SC | January 30 - February 1 | Booth 526

New Product: Cumberland Series

The Greenhouse Company is pleased to announce our newest product - the Cumberland greenhouse.  

  • Ideal for Growers, Retail, and Education
  • More affordable option without compromising strength
  • Available in smaller sizes

Stay tuned for more information!


Featured Project: JBE Elementary