August 2018 Newsletter



The Greenhouse Company

It’s Not Too Early to Start Preparing for Fall Weather

As we near the end of July, the cool fall weather is just around the corner. Now is a great time to evaluate your greenhouse needs for the fall and prepare for cool weather and freezes.

Check Heaters

It may not seem necessary to check heating systems during the summer heat, but now is the ideal time to make sure your heaters are ready to go for that first cool night or freeze.

Assess Plastic

The summer is a great time to evaluate your plastic coverings and repair or replace any areas that need attention prior to cold weather.

Stock Up On Poly-PatchTM

Order your Poly-PatchTM kits now to have on hand for the fall. Kits include Poly-PatchTM repair tape, cleaning wipes, a razor knife, and an optional staple gun to make repairs easy. The resealable pail keeps Poly-PatchTM tape like new for future uses!

Poly-PatchTM is also available in 2″, 4″, 6″ and 10″ rolls.

Poly-Patch Repair Kit
Poly-Patch™ repair tape

Featured Product: Coldframe

The Jāderloon® Coldframe greenhouse is ideal for growers. It can be used to cover winter plants in cool weather, as a heated greenhouse in warmer climates, or as a shade structure.

This diverse greenhouse option can be built to your specific needs:

  • Bay widths – 12′ to 30′ available
  • Lengths – any multiples of 3′, 4′, 5′ or 6′
  • All widths have a 70 mph wind load
Jāderloon® Coldframe greenhouse

Jāderloon® Coldframe greenhouses

Jāderloon® Coldframe greenhouse

I’m Still Standing – Withstanding Hurricanes with Jāderloon®

Can your greenhouses withstand hurricanes? Jāderloon® is proud to manufacture strong greenhouses designed to withstand the worst weather while providing the best protection for plants.

  • Frames are 30% stronger
  • Built of strongest materials available in the greenhouse industry
  • Tested in hurricane alley for over 30 years
  • 99.9% hurricane survival rate
Jāderloon® Greenhouse withstood hurricane Irma

Jāderloon® greenhouse withstood hurricane Irma

Competitive greenhouse destroyed during hurricane Irma

Competitive greenhouse destroyed by hurricane Irma

Forest Lake Garden Center Rebuilding From October 2015 Flooding Damage

The Greenhouse Company was pleased to help Forest Lake Garden Center rebuild after the monumental flood in October of 2015. The garden center was under water and left in devastating condition following the flood.

The Greenhouse Company designed, manufactured, and installed an Appalachian style greenhouse for Forest Lake’s retail center. The 34 x 72 x 10 greenhouse features a white-black-white opaque polycarbonate cover on the gable to prevent sunlight from reaching the retail center that houses the cash register.

“We are thrilled to see Forest Lake Garden Center thriving again after such devastating damage due to the flood. The Greenhouse Company was pleased to help with this project, and we look forward to working with Forest Lake for years to come,” says Judy Moore, Owner of The Greenhouse Company.

Forest Lake Gardens in Columbia during 2015 Flooding

Forest Lake Garden Center under water during 2015 flooding

Forst Lake Gardens after 2015 Flooding

Forest Lake Garden Center today

New Appalachian greenhouse

New retail center with Appalachian style greenhouse

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