May 2018 Newsletter

The Greenhouse Company

Featured Project: Red’s Home and Garden

Red’s Home and Garden in Wilkesboro, NC will be a destination for all to enjoy. Some of its unique offerings are below:

  • Year-round Christmas shop
  • Extensive greenhouse (including annuals, perennials, shrubbery, trees, pottery, hanging baskets, mulch, decorative rocks, house plants, vegetables and more)
  • From floral arrangements, wall decor, lighting, lanterns and even natural personal care products our home goods section will offer a unique assortment of home and garden decor that caters to all design tastes.

The Greenhouse Company has installed the Phase 1 greenhouse of their Garden Center. Phase 2 will be installed this summer. The Phase 1 greenhouse is a 72′ x 120′ x 12′ Appalachian gutter-connect greenhouse with roll up curtains and roof vents and also includes a 36′ x 36′ shade house.

Red's Home & Garden Appalachian Greenhouse

Appalachian Gutter Connect Greenhouse

Greenhouse exterior view

Greenhouse Exterior Side View

Appalachian Greenhouse Interior

Interior of Red’s New Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Command Center

The Greenhouse Company’s Greenhouse Command Center optimizes your greenhouse’s growing conditions 24/7 through continuous monitoring and control. The Command Center consists of an electric climate-control system designed to operate all of the equipment required to ventilate, cool, and heat a single-zone greenhouse employing 5 stages of cooling and a single stage of heating.

It can operate 2 exhaust fans, one of which can be a two speed fan, a louver for first stage ventilation, a motorized vent for maximum ventilation, an evaporative cooling system, circulation fans and up to two heaters.

The system is programmed with a logical progression of equipment staging so that no equipment operates unnecessarily. The naturally aspirated shielded temperature sensor is located in a forward quadrant rather than centrally located to further reduce unnecessary cycling of equipment. The system is pre-programmed so that it is fully functional as soon as it is initialized.

The Greenhouse Command Center

The Greenhouse Command Center

Greenhouse Command Center Interior

Interior of Greenhouse Command Center

Greenhouse Command Center Exterior

Exterior View of Greenhouse Command Center

Repairs Due to Recent Windy Weather? Kwic-Klip® to the Rescue!

With the recent windy weather in the Southeast in particular, many greenhouse coverings have come loose and/or torn away. The Greenhouse Company has the perfect solution – the Kwic-Klip® film fastening system. This trademarked product has over 250 pounds of holding power per linear foot of film and has held poly in place during hurricane winds.

kwic-klip® poly fastening system

Kwic-Klip® Film Fastening System

Forest Lake Garden Center Rebuilding From October 2015 Flooding Damage

Forest Lake Garden Center in Columbia, SC experienced severe damage from monumental flooding in October of 2015. The garden center was under water and left in devastating condition following the flood.

The Greenhouse Company is pleased to help them rebuild! Foundation has been poured on the new greenhouse and construction is under way. Stay tuned for updates on this project, photos of the new construction, and the final product once the new greenhouse is complete.

Forest Lake Gardens in Columbia during 2015 Flooding

Forest Lake Garden Center under water during 2015 flooding

Forst Lake Gardens after 2015 Flooding

Forest Lake Garden Center after 2015 flood waters receded

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