Greenhouse Command Center

An electronic climate control system designed to operate all the equipment required to ventilate, cool, and heat a single-zone greenhouse employing 5 stages of cooling and a single stage of heating.

Louver Lifter™

Uses it’s maximum initial force to open louvers against the suction of the strong partial vacuum created by exhuast fans. Once the louver is open this force is reduced to prevent damage to louver or linkages.

TLC Control System

A low cost mechanical thermostatic controller for small, single-zone greenhouses


This rugged patching tape is a complete first-aid kit for greenhouses bonding aggressively to polyethylene film.


The fastest installation of any clip design coupled with unbeatable holding power.

UniForce Inflation System

Draw the air for inflation from outside the greenhouse environment without limiting the separation of inner and outer film at the point of attachment through the polyethylene.

Cross Connectors

Don’t drill, Cross-Connect! Drilling can compromise the safety of your greenhouse frame by reducing its tube strength.


Strong, stable benches that may be moved to any desired location.

Palmetto Roof Vents

Jāderloon’s® Palmetto Roof Vent opens a vast amount of the roof to allow maximum air flow while Roll-Up Sidewalls can open virtually 100% of the walls. Natural convection brings cooler air in the sides while warmer air escapes through the roof vent. There’s no better way to beat the heat than Jāderloon’s® Palmetto roof vent combined with sidewall curtains.


A motorized, rack and pinion driven, venting system capable of venting small to large greenhouse ranges.


A fully automatic, cable-driven internal shade system

UniFlow Fans

The original HAF fan; circulates the air within a greenhouse in the most efficient low cost manner.

Carolina Cooler™

Innovative and efficient design using anti-drip technology prevents leaking outside the system; the beveled top cap distributes water most effectively while the 6″ pad width reduces shadows across plants.