Hose Trolley

The hose trolley is a device used to suspend a water hose above obstructions on the floor of a greenhouse. Hose trolleys allow the hose to be stretched out for the purpose of watering plants without snagging on objects in the path.

  • Keep your greenhouse hoses securely out of the way
  • Reduce tripping, falling, and potential injury
  • Easily move hoses around the greenhouse for watering
  • Store hoses conveniently

How the Hose Trolley System Works

  • Hose trolleys ride on an overhead 1.315” diameter monorail that is suspended from the greenhouse structure.
  • The hose trolleys are spaced depending on how far above the floor you want the hose to hang. Example: If the hose trolleys are spaced 8’ apart, the hose will hang 4’ below the hose trolley when the hose is retracted.
  • The hose is fastened to the hose trolley with a heavy-duty black plastic zip-tie to prevent the hose from shifting.
  • The weight of the hose is supported by the hose trolley not by the zip-tie.

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