Appalachian Specifications

Available Sizes:

  • Bay Widths – 18’ through 42’ in 2’ increments
  • Lengths – Any multiple of 12 ft.

Material Specifications:

  • Columns – 4” sq x 13ga tube (50,000 psi  yield/55,000psi tensile)
  • Upper and lower truss members, roof purlins, and endwall verticals – 2”sq x 15ga tube (50,000psi yield/55,000psi tensile)
  • Endwall and sidewall horizontals and truss web members – 1½”sq x 16ga tube (45,000psi yield/48,000psi tensile)
  • Gutter – 14ga galvanized steel (25-35ksi yield/40-47ksi tensile)
  • Brace Cables – ¼” 7 x 19 galvanized steel

Design Criteria:

  • Column/truss spacing is 12’. Roof purlins are on 4’ spacings from peak to eave.
  • Standard gutter heights are 8’ to 14’ in 2’ increments.
  • Lengths up to 48’ have one set of brace cables/column run, over 48’ two sets/column run.
  • Standard ratings are 30lb/sqft roof load and 90mph wind load.  Higher ratings are available with an increase in cost.

Cover Options and Sizes:

  • Roof – 8mm twinwall, 8mm triplewall or corrugated polycarbonate sheet
  • Sidewalls and Endwalls – All above polycarbonate options plus polyethylene film
  • Entire structure may be covered with Fabral metal siding

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