How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for a Hurricane


Our Engineer compiled the following list of suggestions assuming the worst-case scenario of extremely high winds from Hurricanes. The extent of the preparations will depend on your location and will ultimately be a judgement call on your part.

Close roof and any other type of vents. Turn off fans and shutters. To reduce the chance of a fire starting, turn off the main breaker. Cutting plastic is a big judgment call. If the winds are high enough the plastic may come off with no damage to frame, but there is no way to know for sure. If the shade cloth is expensive, you may want to remove it since it is not attached as well as the plastic.

  1. Close roof and any other types of vents
  2. Remove hanging basket plants
  3. Turn off fans and shutters
  4. Consider cutting plastic
  5. Close all venting equipment
  6. Turn off power
  7. Turn off the main breaker
  8. Turn off water
  9. Remove small objects that could blow into greenhouse
  10. Secure greenhouse doors
  11. Remove shade cloth or add more ropes to keep in place
  12. Cover exposed glass with wood panels
  13. Brace or remove tall heater vent pipe stacks
  14. Tighten and secure brace cables
  15. Open inflation blower damper as wide as possible
  16. Cover outdoor motors with plastic
  17. Cover heaters, HAF fans & electrical boxes with plastic
  18. Check that all polyethylene fasteners (clips) are in place and secure. Polyethylene beyond fasteners (clips) should not be more than 3”-4”, trim if needed.
  19. Add ropes or straps across polyethylene roof and secure tightly to baseboard.
  20. Check for loose polycarbonate panels and missing fasteners (screws).

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems 800-258-7171.