Prepare Your Greenhouses Now for Spring Weather!

Tips to Avoid Spring Headaches and Product Losses

Exhaust Fan Belts:
• Re-adjust belt tension after 8 – 10 hours of operation.
• Check for proper belt tension by pushing on belt between blade pulley and motor pulley with index finger. Belt should move about ½ inch with 5 pounds of pressure.
• Keep replacement belts on hand.
• Check belts at beginning of cooling season and several times throughout year.
• Look for polished sides and cracked, dry, and/or brittle material.
• Replace belt if any signs of deterioration or if in use for several seasons.
• Clean fan blades and louvers as needed.
• Remove foreign material from inside fan housing.

• See installation manual for adjustment of drive motor limits
• Rack and pinions may be adjusted by loosening nuts on vent shoe where rack attaches to vent door
• Shift rack shoe left or right to improve alignment
• Check the alignment with the vent door open
• Clean the entire vent including the cover with soap and water
• Remove accumulated debris in the lower track of vent door

Carolina Cooler™:
• If float valve is unable to shut off, cut off water supply, disassemble and rinse float valve, reassemble and install
• If after above (if float valve still will not shut off), order a rebuild kit or new valve
• Rinse out reservoir and fill with clean water at the beginning of the season
• Do not leave in ground tanks empty
• Clean the filter as well and several times throughout the year
• Check the filter if flow seems restricted
• Check the header for clogs
• Rinse out the header at the beginning of the season – remove the plug opposite the pump and then run the pump to flush out foreign material
• Add chlorine bleach or any good algaecide to the reservoir on a regular basis to keep pads clean
• Maintain a pH between 5.5 and 8.5 in the reservoir
• Allow pads to dry completely each night by keeping the thermostat set above the overnight low temperature
• Use the gate valve to adjust the water flow so that the water sprays 12” into the air at the far end of the header from the pump