Are you prepared for storm season repairs?

PolyPatch™ Repair Kit has everything you need for repairs.  Available in 4” and 6” tape widths, each kit includes a roll of PolyPatch™ tape, alcohol wipes, razor knife, cleaning cloth and instruction sheet.

4in PolyPatch Kit
4in PolyPatch Kit

4PP0448 – 4” PolyPatch™ Repair Kit $25.00

4PP0648 – 6” PolyPatch™ Repair Kit $38.00

PolyPatch™ Repair Instructions:

Step 1:  With the razor knife provided, trim the edges of the tear so that they are smooth and flat to provide a good surface for patching.  For clean slices, no trimming is necessary.

Step 2:  Clean around the tear with alcohol wipes provided in the kit.  Let dry before applying tape.

Step 3:  Cut PolyPatch™ tape to a size that will extend at least 1” beyond the edge of the tear.  Peel off the backing and apply tape so that it is centered over the tear.  Press the tape firmly onto the plastic and smooth out any bubbles or folds.

Step 4: When finished, store in the container and extend the life of PolyPatch™

PolyPatch™ is also available in individual rolls of  2”, 4”, 6” and 10” widths.

2PP0248 – 2” x 48’  PolyPatch™ $7.75

2PP0448 – 4” x 48’  PolyPatch™ $17.45

2PP0648 – 6” x 48’  PolyPatch™ $27.50

2PP1024 – 10” x 24’PolyPatch™ $28.00